Will they leak?

Not if you’ve chosen a menstrual pad with the right absorbency for your flow, but like any other menstrual product they do have limitations. It really depends on how heavy your menstrual cycle is. After you try Foxy Cloth reusable pads, you will soon realize how often you need to change them, or if you need to move up to the Stronger pads, to prevent leakage.


How many do I need?

We recommend one of the starter kits to begin with. In most cases, this will provide enough protection to get through your menstrual cycle with only washing them once or twice.  Part of the beauty of washable pads is that you can wash and reuse them as soon as they’re dry, taking up less space in your luggage when travelling, and less space in the landfill!


What about odour?

Aside from our Stronger range, Foxy Cloth pads do not contain plastic or nylon, so air flows naturally through them, keeping you cooler and drier: therefore preventing odour.


How do Foxy Cloth pads stay in place?

Once the wings of the menstrual pad or panty liner are snapped together, the cloth pad will stay in place. Aside from our Stronger range, the back of all the Foxy Cloth pads are made from textured flannel that doesn’t slip easily.


Tips for success:

  • If you’re unsure whether our reusable pads are right for you, please buy only one or a small selection to try them out first (rather than a money-saving kit) as, due to the intimate nature and hygienic standards of our products, it is not possible for us to accept returns.
  • Washing the pads before you first use them will optimize the absorbency of the fabrics, getting you off to a great start!
  • Keep spare pads clean and neat by folding the ends in to the middle and then doing the snaps up over the top, to form a very tidy little package.
  • Our Moon Bag is a discreet wetbag, great for keeping used pads in, when out and about.  Then simply turn the bag out into the laundry when you get home.
  • If you’re having a particularly heavy flow, you can double up your paddage by simply placing a spare insert between your underwear and the cloth pad.  The wings on the pad will hold itself and the extra insert in place.  Likewise, our nursing pads are discreet enough to double up, if you find that one or both breasts leak heavily.
  • Relieve sore, swollen parts from birth or surgery and speed up the healing process by sprinkling a nighttime pad with water or, even better, Mama Goddess Perineal Wash, then chill the pad in the fridge before use.  Check out http://www.mamagoddessbirthshop.ca/ for this and many other awesome birth products!

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