Handmade In Vancouver

Foxy Cloth reusable menstrual pads, panty liners and postpartum products are handmade in Vancouver BC, Canada. Our unique design incorporates a breathable core of antibacterial, organic cotton / bamboo batting, maximizing airflow and leading to an exceptionally cool, comfortable and healthy experience. Our goal is to provide beautiful and innovative reusable cloth pads and accessories that will help women feel comfortable and confident about their bodies, throughout menstrual cycles, postpartum recovery and bladder control issues. Affordable, safe for our bodies and environmentally friendly!

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  • More comfortable
  • Cooler
  • Healthier
  • Safer to the environment
  • More economical

Did You Know

Most women use approximately 11-13K disposable menstrual pads or tampons each during their menstrual years.


Our Products

Washable, reusable pads, great for light to heavy menstrual flow, post partum recovery, and light to moderate bladder protection

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About Our Products

Focy Cloth pads on a holiday tree

Foxy Cloth, formerly Goddess Moons, reusable menstrual pads have been providing a comfortable and efficient menstrual option since 1999. Since our inception, we have been reminding women that cloth is the way to go, a fact that had become forgotten

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Customer Testimonials

Today is my first time trying the cloth liners. They are so much better than the disposable ones that I've been using for 30+ years. I really wish I had done this sooner.


My beautiful, durable, and awesome Foxy Cloth pads.


I still have pads I bought years ago. I have nighttime ones and liners. I loved how long the nighttime ones are! - I bought them probably 12+ years ago! They sure do hold up.


I really love using your products; the nursing pads are so nice and soft on my extremely tender skin and the menstrual items have been so useful during this postpartum period. I love that I now have reusable options for things that could potentially produce so much waste.


I have your pads and i love them, so glad i switched!