Foxy Cloth, formerly Goddess Moons, reusable menstrual pads have been providing a comfortable and efficient menstrual option since 1999. Since our inception, we have been reminding women that cloth is the way to go, a fact that had become forgotten along the way. We firmly believe that the time for cloth pads to be accepted by the masses is long overdue. Better for the planet, better for our bodies, affordable, versatile, long-lasting and in fantastic fabrics! With so many reasons to say yes to cloth, why would anyone consider saying no? Good times, people, good times!


  • More comfortable
  • Cooler
  • Healthier
  • Affordable and economical
  • Safer to the environment

Did you know?

  • Most women use approximately 11-13K disposable menstrual pads or tampons each during their menstrual years.  This is devastating for both our planet and our pockets!
  • There is a lot of awareness of the environmental disaster created by disposable diapers yet the problem with menstrual products is far greater and still needs to be addressed.
  • Many women report allergic reactions to disposable pads, most likely caused by chemicals, bleaching residues and the plastic sheeting inside the pads.
  • Tampon use can increase your potential for recurring yeast infections.

Information about our products:

  • Foxy Cloth pads are washable, reusable menstrual pads, great for light to heavy menstrual flow, postpartum recovery, and bladder protection.
  • Foxy Cloth inserts come in two absorbencies and can be purchased individually, in multi-packs, or in starter kits.
  • Foxy Cloth pads have wrap around wings that snap together underneath your underwear, holding them in place.
  • Each pad is sewn from 100% cotton and cotton/flannel outer with antibacterial bamboo / cotton mix inner.
  • Our new products, aimed at very heavy flow (bed pad / change mat, and the ‘Stronger’ range of pads), also have a backing of PUL (the type of waterproof fabric that is used on many cloth diaper shells).  PUL also forms the lining in our wetbags.  None of these products should be ironed, as it will reduce their water resistance.
  • After use…. just rinse or soak them in cold water, pop them in your laundry pail, and then machine wash and dry along with a regular load of laundry (just as you might treat underwear that had been leaked upon).  Avoid high temperatures and avoid the use of softeners, whiteners or any other unnecessary additives.